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He asked me if I wanted my forearms shaved too as I have a very fine covering or hair there too but I told him I loved that hair and wouldn't dream of losing that. He agreed and then splashed more oil into his hands and then began massaging the oil into my body where he had removed my hair. It felt very good.

Jess wore a pair of comfortable dark slacks and a red shirt that had a neckline that plunged just low enough to provide a glimpse of cleavage. I shook my head as I watched her, remember the many times her choice of clothing had teased me. Oh, I had plans for this beautiful brunette. Plans that would leave her breathless and aching.

When Hannah's mind returned to her, she felt her chest heaving in gigantic gulps of air. She felt her own juices slowing ebbing out of her tortured pussy in a hot stream of passionate fulfillment. She felt his fingers on her right nipple, flicker back and forth over it as it grew even harder then, as he mind fought for an ounce of control, she felt something could tightening around the nipple. Next, he repeated the same act on her left nipple as she tried to figure out what was happening.

"For him to pump his cum into you... and then--"

"You're just winding me up" I taunted.

He then proceeded to describe in graphic detail what he had done with the girls. How the girls took turns to suck him off, how he made them lick each other’s pussies and assholes, how he fucked them both in the ass. He even told her that with just the promise of ten more bucks he had one of the girl’s sucking his come out of the other’s ass hole. Rosalie was disgusted and felt humiliated, but she did not dare interrupt him. She also noticed that while he was telling her about his sexual exploits, he had his hand in the pocket of his pants and was stroking a growing erection. “Come here you useless cunt! This story is making me horny”. Rosalie hesitated for a second, but she knew he could become violent if she did not obey immediately his command. When she stood in front of him, he grabbed a breast with his free hand and started to twist her nipple until it hurt. She gasped. “What is it, you useless cunt? You don’t like that? So how would you like to suck my come from another girl’s ass, huh?” Rosalie wanted to go away from him, but she was paralyzed by fear. “Kneel bitch”, he said, and when she failed to submit to his command he slapped her in the face. “I said kneel, bitch!” This time, he pulled her by her hair and forced her down to her knees. He took out his cock, which was now fully erect, and smacked her face with it. “I am going to fuck your face, you useless cunt. Suck that cock, and suck it good”, and he shoved his shaft in her mouth.

I lifted my middle and index fingers to my mouth, sliding them between my lips.

"Oh, honey, I was so worried about you, where were you? Are you ok?" Victoria nodded and hugged him tightly, for the first time she realized how much he actually loved her. It now actually meant something to her.

This encounter provided a nice finishing touch to our wonderful week on the Central Coast. We headed back to the Bay Area, looking forward to future visits to Pirate's Cove and the possibility of meeting up with Jim again sometime.

He came down towards my face and kissed me passionately and grabbed my tits. We kissed deeply, as I could feel Barry's cum from inside my mouth transfer over into Ken's mouth. He then pulled away, with his face now covered with the cum I had splattered on my face.

Sharon said, "Nothing really, Tom wanted me to call you and ask if you would like to join us for diner Friday night at our house?"

We met up at the car rental agency then went to pick up my car. After we picked up my car he followed me to the parking lot and we left my car there. On the way to his house he slid his hand onto my thigh; I put my hand over his and felt the familiar electric current running from the point of contact. I had never before felt such passion for another person, it was intriguing. I again began to wonder how long I could keep this secret from Howard. I'm not a good liar and I was scared I'd blow it before the week was out.

"Now don't give me a hard time, wench. I can hurt you in places the king will never see." It was Cristoff, the soldier who had wanted to have his way with her at the cottage. He moved closer to her, his raging hard on pointed directly at her mouth. "I might not be able to fuck you like a common piece of filth such as you deserves, but I can still have a little bit of fun, as long as I don't defile you in other places. Now open your mouth and suck!"

They came upon a sign warning them that nude bathing was unlawful.

He pulled up into a driveway, and used a remote controller to open the garage door, which closed after us. We were alone in the dark.

Apparently Japanese women had a reputation for wearing boots, mini skirts and classy little jackets and jumpers. It sounded like my kind of fashion! I was looking forward to showing off my long legs!

He ran across the hall to his room and donned a pair of tracksuit pants and a T-shirt. After this, he found himself wandering about his room, apparently prolonging his return downstairs for as long as possible. He wondered why he was doing this, then stopped, because it made his head hurt. At length, there was a knock on the door, and Jacquie's voice came through it.

"You've got the looks for it," said Mike, "Do you have the killer instinct to really nail the role and make it yours?"

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Outside the wind picked up and it began to rain. He watched her as she turned her head to observe the water as it ran down the glass. Her lipstick needed retouching. Her eye shadow was slightly smudged and her hair was disarranged. She was mesmerising.

"Jack, I know, or I guess, that it's a fairly common fantasy among men to watch their wives with other men," I said, stroking his chest. "But what is it that turns you on so much? Why is it such a hot fantasy for you?"

Her father finally returned to find out the truth about his wife. He sat down in the chair beside her bed and sighed. In his hand he held a red candle and a book of matches. He lit the candle and let the wax heat up.

"I wouldn't put anything past him." Michael shook his head, "Don't let him fool you. I'm not trying to insult you here, I just don't trust him. That son of a bitch..."

As Louise drove her father-in-law to the barber shop, neither of them mentioned a word about what had happened the night before. Every time they made eye contact he turned his eyes away from her and pretended to be interested in something along the street.

Jeff moaned with pleasure as I licked, sucked, stroked and caressed his cock and balls. After several minutes, he grabbed my head and began violently fucking my face. A few seconds later, he screamed and shot an immense load into my mouth. I swallowed frantically, but couldn't keep up with the volume. Finally spent, Jeff leaned back against the door frame with his eyes closed.

"Not at all."

As the full moon approaches and before I change too much, I enjoy my new senses of sight, smell, and sound. I love going to a night club and watch the colourful auras as they dance and sway on the floor or as they intermingle with each others as couples flirt and tease. And there, standing against the wall across the crowded dance floor was nothing. No, more than nothing. A blackness that did not allow the colourful auras to intermingle or caress. That blackness surrounded a beautiful red head in an equally dark mini dress.

Kirsten was in her zone now, throating Rocco's cock like it was nothing. Some women struggled to get his cock into their mouths but the British starlet had him in her throat.

I was a keen gymnast. Not a very good one, but I belonged to a club as a child and so, when I started at university I decided to join the gymnastics club, partly to keep fit and active but also to make friends.

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V leaned over Sarah’s shoulder and piped in, "Great. We’ll have that!"

"So... what'd you get her?" Buffy asked.

This was getting too much or me!! Releasing my wife’s breast, I grabbed her hips and started thrusting her up and down my cock at a faster rate. With my wife now bouncing on my cock, slapping her ass against my legs, moaning even louder, we were putting on the show of our life for our viewers – all without the knowledge of my wife!

There was a storm raging behind him and rain poured as he turned and slammed the doors shut effortlessly. He strode across the hall to where Sofia sat on a great couch by the fire, dripping rain. She grinned as he approached, silently pleased that he had been drenched to the skin in the rain, for how they loved to see each other in some form of predicament! A slow smile spread across her face as he took off his overcoat and threw it on the couch opposite her with a loud slap.

I had been controlling myself, but after seeing Mary Beth's legs, ass, and tiny thong, I was starting to be aroused. I was semi-hard and a small circle of pre-cum had soaked through my pants and was visible to the women. However, it seemed to me that most of the time the women were looking at each other--stripping as a contest seemed to create a sexual tension between them that was not present in their day-to-day living together.

“You love the way I eat your pussy, don’t you baby?” Justin asked.

Jake looked down at his wife’s head. In his first marriage he’d thought that he’d grown out of sexual fantasies and he’d settled for an unimaginative Saturday romp with his first wife. Corinne had woken up his dormant need for hard and fast sex, all day fuck marathons and covert sex in public places. He couldn’t get enough of her body, even more so now after five years when he knew that each time with her was different.

That afternoon, we had football practice, at which I excel. My massive, over-muscled, body allows me to push my way through a wall of opponents with ease and all the girls were cheering me on. I think they were more interested in the size of my jockstrap than on the game. I have to use a specially-designed jockstrap that will hold my huge package in place without too much discomfort. Needless to say, you can spot the bulge it creates from the other side of the field. At one stage, I noticed Mrs Harisson wandering around the football grounds. It was the first time I had seen her at sports practice and it intrigued me. She also seemed to be watching me intently, eventhough it could have just been a figment of my over-eager imagination.

"Promise me?"

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“Ahhh…um…Just something I saw…when I used the other bathroom. Umm, Nick is up and…was showering…and um…how can I say this. He asked me who it was…I said dad…and I started peeing and just happened to look up…” Kenny said pausing not knowing how to tell his wife. He was trying not to laugh again, feeling the whole situation funny as hell now. Ginger waited a second then grew impatient.

I was visiting family in Panama and had about a month's vacation. Along the Canal Zone there is a thriving area of nightclubs and bars. There is also a great deal of prostitutes and other forms of vice. I found a nice club with a dynamite Karaoke set and sort of became a regular there. I liked to go and just sing and drink. Many hookers, all of whom hit on me, also frequented this club. I had always promised myself I would not pay for pussy, so I just shined them on and bought drinks for them every now and then.

I went to the bank, the convenience store for refreshments for later, and then to the costume shop. I got two 'French maid' outfits for the girls to wear tonight. I also went to the adult store downtown and picked out two vibrators, a double-ended dildo, a strap-on and some handcuffs.

"But what would your father know what it would mean?"

One button gave way and then another.

"The phone," Tanya said, finishing my sentence for me, and we both giggled. My parents called every night at eight, and both spoke from extensions within the house. Even four weeks in, the ritual never changed. "But that's nice. Your parents really care."

I slowly pulled it out to the head and began to slow fuck her with just the tip of my cock and, when I had her panting in passion, fed it all the way back in slowly but firmly as she gasped with every inch. I reached down and squeezed her clit between my fingers as I stroked in and out of her silky pussy. She came suddenly and loudly as she flooded my shaft with her juices and, as soon as she returned to normalcy, I withdrew my throbbing tool and gave her a 9.5 score as I moved on to the next contestant. She was the gorgeous Jamaican gal with the button clit and her cunt was open like a flower! The purple inner lips were full with blood and open wide revealing the tender, pink flesh of her love hole. She was playing with her nipples and smiling at me as I approached her table and got on my knees in front of her. I couldn't resist kissing the insides of her thighs as I worked my way towards her waiting cunt.

Toni looked up at the man who was fucking her. "God I'm acting like a whore, a fucking whore." But wave after wave of pleasure was hitting her body. She saw that Tom was close to coming and that made a third orgasm build.

Finally Duane stood up, helping me to my feet after him. We wobbled off to the bedroom and tumbled into bed. We were completely spent, worn out. As I settled down, Duane, without being prompted, reached out and pulled me in close to him, so that we lay spoon-fashion with his face nuzzled into my hair. He was out like a light almost immediately.

She squirmed and wriggled trying to get rid of the lump but only made it bigger. I had the beginnings of an erection myself.

Gently, they eased her back until she was lying down on her back, and they were lying on either side of her, their hands wandering over her sweet body, over her clothing. She was very dimly aware of what was going on and that it felt very good, so she made no protest. They kissed above her mouth, then each leaned down and kissed her deeply. Now as Water continued to kiss her, Lynx began to slip her clothes off, caressing her body as he did so. Fawn moaned a little against the other woman's mouth. Her clothes were suddenly gone, and a mouth pressed eagerly to hers, and two others sucked her nipples to pertness, then the mouth that had been kissing her moved between her legs, and a tongue moved against her most secret place. Mouths and hands moved over her untried flesh, teasing and arousing her into a frenzy of need. She could hear soft moans above and around her, as she felt the head of Lynx's cock slide into her, and Water's pussy covered her mouth, grinding onto her face, and Storm was moving against Fawn's fingers, showing the girl how to touch her. Even when the man pierced her and she was no longer a virgin, she felt no pain, only tightness, and then he was fucking her hard, his mouth on his mate's breasts as she rode the young woman's mouth. Water slid her fingers into Storm's puss to tease her as well, and soon all were cumming together. Lynx filled the tight pussy beneath him to the hilt, as he gushed inside her, and Water flooded her face with juices. Then, all three took turns lapping at the sweet pussy that had just been taken with such ease, until the young woman was cumming again. All that night, they played with her body in every way imaginable, and just before dawn, carried her back to her bed and left her there. She would have no memory of the night before, save a very hazy one of losing her virginity, but she would have no idea to whom.

"It was incredible!!! Where did you find him? Can I have both of you?? Take me home now and fuck me all night long. Thank you for letting me have my fantasy."

Being that I had way too much to drink, I didn't really think about my answer. I just blurted out, "Well it's always been kind of a fantasy of mine to do something like that, but I really don't think I would ever go through with it." Both women were looking at me like I just shit on the floor and John was laughing his fool head off.

“Are you wet babe?” he asked. “Are you ready for me.”

We walked up on the porch, walked the full length of the porch and Matty told me about the place. The nearest neighbors were half a mile farther down the road. The road that got us from the highway only had three farms on it so there wasn't much traffic. Then she took me inside.

"What are you doing? I demand that you turn this around and take me back immediately!" She said it immeedjitly like the Brits did. "You will be in a great deal of trouble for this sergeant, this I promise you!"

She whispered in my ear, 'You will have to remove my knickers before you will be able to find the leakage, Scouse.'

As Jon ate his cereal and toast, Marilyn surreptitiously studied her boyfriend of six years. She swore he just got better looking every day. He was a big man, but there wasn't an ounce of fat on his bulky frame. He was six feet two inches and two hundred twenty pounds of pure muscle. He was physically intimidating, but his soft blue eyes revealed the deep river of kindness that ran just below the hulking surface. Marilyn liked to think of Jon as her gentle giant.

With her blowjob completed, she stood up, spun around, bent over at the hips, spread her legs, grabbed her ankles and presented her generous round ass to me. She said, in that deep husky voice that only seemed to be in evidence when she was sexually aroused, "Fuck me hard and fuck me now! Stick it in my pussy and ream it out with that beautiful thing. Hurry up! I want to come now!! Aaaawwhhhh! Stick your dick in me, now!"

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It was Kelly, wearing a white terrycloth beach jacket, and a yellow polka dot bikini, and carrying a large mesh bag full of beach stuff. She asked if it was ok for her to use the deck to sun herself, and maybe get in the pool too. I said sure, you're welcome anytime, and let her in the back door.

It took great self control to keep from filling her belly with my seed, but somehow I managed. "Easy now," I said in as calm a tone as I could muster relaxing my hold of Barbara's head to pat her there.

I was lost in lust at the delicious feeling of being played with, and my head thrashed around in passion. “Ohhh please fuck me. I need it so bad, just fuck me pleeeeeeease.”

He must have touched every inch of it for a few minutes. His fingers moved between my cheeks and pushed my thong inward. He tried to move his finger between my legs but they were too tight. We both wanted his touch to move to new ground, which was located on the other side of my body. I had to figure out how to turn over while pretending to be asleep. As I was planning my move the phone rang and Mr. Robinson jumped back removing his hands quickly from under my shorts. I slowly pretended to awake and looked over to see Mr. Robinson on the phone. "Yes, dear, Lisa made it in on time and we just finished dinner."

There was the history of a major lack of confidence and the record of sessions with the patient under hypnosis.

"Mmmmm me too sugar," Crystal replied and with that she gave me a full kiss on the lips and then moved her way down until she was kneeling in front of me.

“What do you think it is? An Easter egg?”

"FUCK NO John!"

John nodded and smiled.

"Yes, cum on my tits, I love having it all over me." She said.

"Daddy what you gonna do to me now?" She asked coyly, still playing their little game.

"Not really." She answers, her eyes cast down as if a little embarrassed.

'She's got an impudent look, this one. They get like that sometimes, when they've got a man all to themselves. You should get a new one; teach her her place. What's your name, Fuckmeat?'

"Humor me, will ya? You know everyone here aside from the customers are in costume."

She was right. The togas were about thirty hands from the ground, but the first branch was only around eighteen hands tall. If she lifted me up, I could reach the first branch and climb to the other easily.

Suddenly, just at the very peak, just as she was about to lose all control, he pulled his hands from her wet pussy, gripped the clamps and yanked. The sensation, the heat, the hot clips sliding over her nipples sent her into oblivion, all thought of control lost now as wave after wave took her.

You move to the blanket and sit down on it...I straddle your legs and you touch me...lifting the black silk up exposing my wetness to you...I am standing there in front of you with my pussy in your face...your tongue touches me and I let out a soft intense moan...your tongue is cool from the wine and it feels good against my hotness...

"Right. We need to get you to a doctor right away."

I placed two fingers on her outer lips and gently prised open, her little slit of pleasure.

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"It's all right Sandra. We were watching you as you watched us. Couldn't you tell?"

The obvious choice was the enormous 'L' shaped couch acting as a room divider from the main living room towards a small step-up into the formal dining area. "There's enough space, we can all get behind that, then jump up and yell surprise when they walk into the room," Denise suggested.

"OWWW... Yes baby, spank me harder... Spank mommy harder!!!"

As I rubbed faster on my crotch, the dampness increased and I tugged aside the crotch and started rubbing at my hairy exposed cunt lips. By now I couldn't have cared less if I was gay, the sheer pleasure I was getting from having this woman loving my soft breasts was all that mattered.

Sophie used both hands to press my head harder into her cunt. She clamped her sexy warm thighs violently against my face, like a giant vice holding me captive in a cell I never wanted to flee.

"Do you want to see a movie, Friday, maybe?" she asked.

Every Halloween, the villagers chose and leave a woman for him on this sacrificial slab in order to ensure peace and prosperity to those within. Should the woman give him pleasure, he'd keep her for all of time, cradled by his warmth, satisfied by his infinite lust. If not, he'd turn them lose on the world to find something more than just the small place, never to return.

"I'd be thinking you were queer if you didn't at least try," she came back.

From Kevin's position in the closet, he could see the man's penis working in and out of his mother. His large balls slapped on her ass, making a loud noise in the otherwise quiet room. Soon the slapping sound was joined by the grunts and groans of the two lovers. "Fuck me, fuck me, oh God fuck meeeeeee!!!" Kathy screamed, forgetting that Kevin was supposed to be sleeping down the hall.

"Marilyn? Did you get rid of that guy? Call Maury and find out what the hell that was all about."

It was the summer of 1988 and I had just graduated from high school. I felt great about myself because I had been voted “Class Beauty” as well as “Most Likely to Succeed.”

"Wow, Cassie! You weren't kidding!" Laura said, as she caught her first glimpse of you on the webcam behind me.

With an unspoken thought we just headed toward the creek. It is November after all, but I knew she'd love this sight. I got to the tree line at the top of the ridge before she did, and I just stood back and let her come up by herself. "Frank…" I was smiling and she just stood there looking. "I've been gone thirty years, been all over, done all kinds of things. And this spot is exactly the same." "I know."

* * * * *

For a start, the cabin was in darkness and she felt certain that she'd left the light on. And then there was a slight smell that she couldn't place. Not a bad smell, just different to the way the room has smelled when she'd first checked in. She stepped into the cabin and slid her hand along the wall in the darkness, her fingers searching for the light switch.

"Daddy, you don't understand. I am about to pop, and there is no way I can hold it until we get home."

Arnold could not believe his ears, and he shook his head, "I couldn't do that. What do you think I am?"

I looked around to Bill who had a feverish look in his eye. He spat on his hand and greased up his cock before placing it against my rose. As he slipped it in I could feel another orgasm looming and I soon began shaking as I fell into an orgasmic delight. They both fucked my holes for an eternity and I came continuously. I really love having cum splashed all over me so after a while I kind of pushed Bill off and hopped off Smithy.

"The guy you work for won't stop until he's narrowed the number of players down a bit," came the response. He took a turn on Burton and sped up to make the light at 55th. We got caught behind a delivery truck, however and he had to slam on his breaks to avoid kissing its rear bumper.

When class was over she walked down the isle so she could leave from one of the front doors. She saw him look at her but he gave no indication that he recognized her at all. She was surprised and hurt that he didn’t seem to recognize her as she left the lecture hall. But that didn’t stop her from returning to her dorm room where she striped off her denim shorts and panties and put on loose fitting sweat pants. When her roommate returned Amy was to preoccupied with the intense fingering she was giving herself to even hear the door open. She almost jumped out of her skin when she heard Val say "GOD GIRL... You need a boyfriend"

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Martin began to massage her breasts, holding them so the nipples poked out between his fingers. Ann moaned and leaned against him. "We...ah...we're...oh, Martin!...never...ah!...going to get breakfast at...this...rate! Oh, darling!" she babbled while Martin's hands gently mauled her breasts and his erection poked insistently at her bottom.

Jackie smiled, enjoying the reaction. She slid her blouse down her arms and dropped it on the floor. She ran her hands up her belly, cupping her breasts so that they almost spilled out over her bra. She moved closer to us, turning now to move gently to the music, her back to us. Slowly, teasingly, she lifted the hem of her short skirt, exposing the lower half of her ripe buttocks. She bent at the waist so that her ass was pushed out toward us, her skirt riding up on her hips. She wiggled her butt and Jeff almost fell of his stool. "Holy shit..." he gasped.

My body exhausted and languid with pleasure, it is easy for you to turn me onto my stomach and request that I get on all fours. I expect you to tease me a while, slipping your cock inside me bit my bit until I beg for it, but it seems even you cannot hold back after the night's activities. You slam into me, hard, and I cry out. This is what it feels to have you inside me. You fill me up completely, thrusting in time to our own music now, as graceful and steady as you were on the dance floor. Your hands alternate between my hips and my ass, strong, slightly forceful, and it's not long before I come a third time. I contract and convulse around your shaft, moaning your name, trying desperately to commit this moment to memory.

I said, Told him what Ann? What did you say to him?"

"Read the print there, Penny," he pointed. "See that one? 'Models. Nudity.'"

"All right I was, but I like you Stacy, this is really hard for me to say, but ever since you moved in, I had this sorta...crush on you and I just couldn't hold back any longer. No one was home...we were both sleeping on your bed, I had to. I know its wrong because your my sister, but I cant help it."

I still hadn't been fucked but I knew a bit about sex and how to bring myself off and as I watched I clenched my pussy on my hand and started to come. I had to hold back my panting, not that they would have heard anything.

"Oh, you know, Lisa bumped her head on one of the weight machines and she's a bit spacey. We didn't want her to drive." Cindy said. He followed her into the office, his eyes riveted to her sweet ass.

This became a regular occurrence. Josephine would bring home with her one, two or even three male acquaintances or colleagues of different colours or ethnic backgrounds (this was not thought at all important) and before long the two lovers would immerse their bodies in each other with the additional presence of penises thrusting into their vaginas. Charlotte insisted that the men should release their sperm inside both of them, and not over their face and breasts, as some professional actors had a tendency to do. This required Charlotte or Josephine spotting the moment of seminal release and taking the black, pink or brown penis out of its current orifice as it seeped out its oozing yellowish liquid and insert it immediately in both of the girls’ vaginas in the hope of insemination. Once this was done then the intention was that the man, or any other man who was servicing them at the time, should do his best to produce more of the precious liquid for further insemination.

I'm a total cumslut for this guy friend of mine. I have to sadly refer to him as a "friend", because us being a "couple" is not going to be remotely established. But suffice to say, when he wants to fuck, he basically only needs to snap his fingers, and I would be all over him like a whore who kept carrying his semen from his previous frequent fuck with me.

"Anne, I'm gonna cum soon!" he cried out. "Ohhh God, NOW! NOW!"

The champagne bottle opened with a pop – she jumped. She sensed a cold, wet, tingling dampness on her stomach; it wasn't going to be the ice after all.

"Fuck me Keith." She whispered in his ear.

Tommy said, "Sex drug? What the hell is the sex drug?"

"I can see that," I replied. "Must be hard work. You'll need to take it easy for a few days now, though, and let those stomach muscles rest up. Some massage every day would be good, too. That goes for Karen as well, actually, - tell her that." She nodded. "Well, off to the shower, if it's free. I'll see about some food for us."

"Yes." Said Mel. "And, Sherie, did you wonder how you and Mark got together on that first date, even though you've known each other for years and never showed any sign that you like each other that way?"

Phil staggered back a few steps and said he really needed to sit down. Joyce was just getting started. She turned to Joe and said, "Lets put that hard cock of yours to use. You said something about fucking me." He knelt down between her legs, pulled her forward on the seat, and Joyce grabbed his cock and guided it into her wet pussy. Joyce looked very sexy as I watched her get fucked. I watched his cock slide in and out of Joyce's blond pussy. They were very good together. It didn't seem like he would last long, but he did fuck Joyce into a very loud orgasm. That drove him over the edge and he shot his load into her cunt. They were both very noisy. If there were any boats around they had to hear. Joyce asked him if he was like his friend and could come again. He laughed and said no. Joyce said that was to bad.

I extracted the vibrator from inside her and then untied her legs and hands.

"Bob I can't believe you. How can you do this again after last night? I'm so sore I don't know if I can." I whined as my pussy broke out in tingles recalling last night.

I heard her foot steps stop at the bathroom but I kept going like I didn’t notice. I heard her gasp and then in a croaked voice she said

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A streak of sadness raced from her heart, into her mind as her hand was raised gently and the watch clasped to her rail thin wrist. Sheila was careful not to scratch the sensitive skin, or to make the fit to tight. Keeping the arm elevated so Lauren could see the delicate watch the face came into view, the four zeros caught her attention. She stared at them transfixed, her mind reeling back the years with a determination of it's own to bring a lump to her throat as a certain Christmas Eve reached out and grabbed her memory with a grip tight enough to strangulate her senses.

"Honey, this is a spa, not 'Betty's Wash-N-Set'. How can we pamper you dressed like that," he pointed to her clothes.

"Of course!" he said. "You're a woman. A very sexy woman..."

I knew full well of Casper Industries and CasRan. They were two of the largest, richest companies in the USA. I had never had any dealings with them, however, and questioned William about this.

"Not Edgar Hook?"

“Then why he is late? He should be back by now, shouldn’t he?”

I stand up weakly and go to the bathroom to clean up. When I come back out both of them are asleep on the bed, probably resting for their next round. The night is cooler somehow and I lean over them to pull the sheets over their sweaty bodies. Before leaving I kiss them each softly and watch them smile in their sleep.

Jack closed his eyes against the sight of her kneeling above him, her slight body flushed rosy with her desire, trembling with her need. He'd thought she'd been about to tell her they couldn't do this, that it was wrong. As if he hadn't had that argument with himself for the past two years, since she'd turned sixteen and he'd first noticed her smile, her eyes, the way she could dance across a room and bring joy to every face there. Her figure was slight, making her seem younger than her years. But her eyes told a different story.

I had agonised secretly about that night ever since, sometimes proud of my achievement but on some other occasions feeling an indefinable sense of guilt and shame. This had been the reason that I let Des go in for the photos alone while the rest of us stayed in the car. I had been too embarrassed to face the manager again.

'Oh shit,' she thought to herself as these thoughts raced through her mind.

Robert called everybody back to the table and we got down to some good poker. Missy held her own a little longer than I thought she would. We were all getting pretty darn drunk. Missy finally lost every bit of money she had. She looked at me like "What is it going to be." I decided to call her bluff. It was Steven's deal; he ante up and so did everyone else when Missy threw in her baseball cap. All the guys looked at me, I just shrugged my shoulders, and I really didn't think she would go threw with it. I one that hand and it was Hunters deal. Everyone anti up and Missy threw in a shoe, Steven told her that she would have to throw in both shoes as they bought together as one item. She didn't even argue the point; she just threw in the other shoe. This went on until she had lost her socks, and shirt. She then won a hand and got all her clothes back. She didn't even bother to put her clothes back on. That was when I knew she was actually going to go through with the whole thing.

“Oh yeah. Keep sucking…” she begged.

The thirty-nine-year-old black woman was greeted by a thirty-five-year-old black maid. Nora told her that she was here to see Suzanne Stone about the house-cleaner position. The 5'6" woman took Nora to the study, offered her a chair, and introduced herself as Emily. The maid informed her that she would call Ms. Stone. Nora stared at the sway of her large and shapely buttocks as she left the room.

"Wow, that is sexy!" Michael said. "So, you're thinking you might like to try a little domination of our own?"

"I'll cum anywhere you wish, ma'am", I answered as I stepped back from Kathryn's perfect ass.

"You really think I am beautiful Uncle Tim?" I asked innocently. I couldn't believe what was happening, let alone the fact that I was enjoying it..

This Sunday was a 'top ten' late Spring day. Warm, but not humid. A perfect day to lay in the shade and let the world go by. The blankets were spread out under an ancient elm tree, which crowned the small hillock. Some to carpet a large area, others to make a big cushion for us to lie on, a couple more remained folded for pillows. That done, we lay down to enjoy the view and the day. Immediately we all ended up napping, apparently Lynn and Jim hadn't exactly spent all night sleeping either.

"No thanks I'm fine."

What Kate didn't know was that she would return a very different woman.

I sit down in the last seat and ride until the bus starts to get a little more crowded. While I’m waiting, you’d probably like to hear what I look like. Well I’m slightly taller than average, about 5’8”, with a firm athlete’s build (I am a cheerleader during football season and lifeguard in the summer). My auburn hair is just below my shoulders and I have green eyes. I’m quite proud of my breast, which are a full 34C.

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Helen raised her hips, reached between them, gripped Joe's erection, then she guided it to the center of her soaked opening. Slowly, she lowered herself onto Joe, exulting in the wild sensations that rushed through her as his swollen organ filled her.

He let it drop, knowing she would probably never see herself the way he saw her. So, in silent appreciation, he looked at her in all her glory, and knew just how wondrous she was.

“Me too. Let’s go see what we can do about it.”

"Hell no."

"Chuck, I know that you are at that age and I know that you masturbate, but don't let this happen again. "Why did you choose my panties? Are you thinking about me that way?"

She was surprised, and kept trying. He pulled his cock away. "We do what I want," he said.

I especially noticed one of the stewardesses, one who seemed to show real grace under pressure. Her name plate said ‘Christine.'

"That's a good Cowcunt." I praised her, as I stroked her sweat-dampened hair.

And yet at the moment, swaying back and forth in the shadows, the girl seemed truly at home in her woman’s body.

Devon 'slithered' over to her, his pole bobbing and dancing with every step. Then he pulled her into his arms, his naked skin hot as it melded with hers. A hand cupped her breast, another went to the small of her back and pulled her groin tight against his maleness. Then he covered her mouth with his, taking possession of her.

When Tina quietly speaks to me, she does so with greater tenderness than I've ever received from her before.

As the chauffeur drove them home Kris snuggled in Stan's arms, he held her tight, and in that foggy state between sleep and drunk he dreamed of watching his long legged wife being fucked by man after man, those long legs of hers splayed far apart as they each shoved their cocks into her wet and willing pussy, one by one, in his haze he didn't count, but he knew there were a lot of them. His dick once again got hard and grew down his pants leg under his boxers, he placed one of Kris' hands on it and they both kind of purred as she stroked him.

"There it is!"

She was aroused, Emma knew. Even now, she could feel the wetness between her thighs, feel her sex gaping. She only hoped that he could not. “Don’t,” she said weakly, as he caressed her nipples with his thumbs.

'Yes. But very differently from how you do it, Shakes.'

Don't misunderstand, Pam and I didn't need booze to talk openly. This was our natural way of discussion. She had the affair, and I got off on the details. We were both satisfied.

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We lie there for a while, and I sit up in the seat. She sits up, and then leans over me, cleaning my cock of our juices.

"Tell me what you want, Karen. Tell me you want me to fuck your married pussy. Come on, Karen say it," as I began by shoving two fingers in her wet moist cunt.. Damn she was hot, she was really hot.

"Well I don't remember all of it," she said. "I know that they gave most of the girls a little treat in their drinks. Julie told me and filled me in on some of the things that I don't remember. I hope that you are ready for this." she said as she took a deep breath and continued. "I remember being on the dance floor and Pete and Joe sort of came up and started to dance with me. I was feeling good and once in a while I would feel a hand and a caress, but that's not unusual on a crowded dance floor anywhere." she said as I noticed she was beginning to relax as she removed her cover-up completely and was just sitting there with her tong which was not covering anything. She smelt of sex.

Carole abruptly stood up in front of me and peeled off her tee shirt. Smiling at my surprised reaction she jiggled her big tits and bent down close to show me the red and black lace peek-a-boo bra she was wearing. It couldn’t contain nearly all the soft flesh and it let her tits wobble and bounce seductively. It also let her big brown nipples poke through the wide slits in the center of the fabric. Her nipples were fully erect and as thick as my finger, standing out about an inch long and begging to be sucked.

"Open up, then, darling," said aunty, and I watched with fascination as a thick stream of golden amber fluid jetted from aunty's piss slit into Theresa's wide open mouth. It was strong, but nowhere near as long as mine and after some 20 seconds, Theresa was forced to placed her mouth against aunty's minge to lap up the remaining dribbles of piss.

He filled my pussy again with his thick creamy seed; it ran out of my pussy as he pulled out his cock. He squeezed my pussy tightly closed and massaged my belly and said: "That will help my small friends to find the right way Lene, can you feel them coming?"

I stood watching in silence. The two sluts teased the other's nipples with pinches, licks and kisses. They placed hands on each other's ass cheeks, moulding the firm flesh. They pulled together and rubbed their tits together, squashing them and brushing them hard against each other. Britney came towards me, dancing, with her back faced towards me. She took one of my hands and put it on her left ass cheek. I squeezed her left cheek and then her right cheek. She turned around and now I saw her beautiful breasts jiggling. She moved away back to Christina.

Julie Reynolds and her husband Paul stood in front of their first home. After five years of marriage they finally had enough money to put down on a nice single story home in a nice neighborhood. The home was perfect for them at this time in their life because they did not have any kids and were not planning on having any until they reached thirty years old in a couple of years. Julie spent most of her time as an editor of children story books which she did out of her house. Paul was a regional sales manager for Pett Products and traveled at least two or three days per week. After five years of his traveling they had lost the desire for exciting sex. Most of the time sex was on a schedule and they both just went through the motions.

He picked up the ball, yelled, "Hershey, fetch!" and threw it, which sent the dog racing to recapture the errant toy.

He had stripped her clothes from her and pushed her back onto the slab. In one move he had penetrated her, stifling her cries with a deep kiss. He had ground his body against hers, almost battering her with the deep thrusts of his cock. His bare chest had scraped back and forth over her breasts, making her nipples stiffen and become incredibly sensitive. She had wrapped her arms and legs around him and urged him on.

"Have you ever had tit bondage before"

She was so wet, when I parted her lips, there was so much love juice I thought that she was pissing on my hand. In seconds I'd found her clit.

"Hey, hey come on now sis calm down, calm down, you'll be OK, I'm sure it'll all work out between you two" Sean tried to reassure her, even though he wanted her to brake it off with the jerk, but he could see how much she wanted to be with him and went along with it for her.

When she saw who her client was she didn't know whether to laugh or cry, it was her husband James who was sat back enjoying the sight of his superbly sexy wife dressed in a very revealing outfit. James told his wonderful wife that watching her dance was the best Valentines Day present he could have asked for. Helen told him that she was glad he enjoyed it but that this dance would be even better.

We left on a Monday morning and it was only a 2-hour drive to the hotel we checked in and enjoyed some of the sites that evening, my plan was to find a nice lounge or bar/club to meet at so we could relax with some drinks. We did some bar hopping and found a nice lounge that was perfect except it was not real busy (Duh Monday night) and I knew she would feel like people were looking at her if it was not crowded so we picked a spot where we had had lunch that day cause the waitress told us it gets cranking at night when the live band shows up. The next day James called and we set a time and the place to meet and he understood that his chances will slim at best but he lived fairly close and was willing to take the chance.


My sister shook her head. A chance to corrupt an innocent I drunkenly thought. I took the remote from Sarah and unmuted the sound just in time for the next scene to start

"The tape tabs are the best since it requires an adult to put the diaper on and humiliates the person who has to wear the diaper."

As great as it was, she was glad that the romp was over. Russell was a good friend, but Claribel longed for romance in her sex life. She and Russell had parted on good terms after the trip and kept in touch during Claribel's first year of classes in Oregon. She was glad when she heard that Russell was passing through on his road trip down the western seaboard, and she hoped that the two of them would reconnect as friends.

I carried on lapping at mom's pussy for another minute, and then decided to move up to her asshole. First I looked at it, absorbing its shape and colour; it was pinky-brown and with a star like look, as the flesh there stretched out from the centre rings.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

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Kelly had been collared just two weeks ago. Serving Master M was the calling in life that she had been seeking for years. Before leaving her for the day, he had instructed her to prepare for a special evening. She was both anxious and excited as the day slowly passed she busied her self with preparations. A short cold shower was all she was normally allowed, but with today’s preparations she would be allowed a longer more enjoyable bath. That would give her the time to shave all the hair from her body. Her Master enjoyed her smoothness and she, of course, enjoyed pleasing him. She shaved quickly, lingering longer than she should have shaving her already wet pussy and around the tight opening to her ass. She thought of masturbating, but quickly put that thought aside. After sponging herself off, she stepped out and dried herself. A douching and enema followed. Her hair was always done simply, he allowed only a ponytail.

“What’s up?” Gemma asked after five more minutes.

Brenda appeared to be getting more and more excited as we fell back into a rhythm, her breath whistling through her nostrils. I gently placed my hand behind her head, just above her neck and stared down at her as I began to fuck her mouth with more immediacy.

Lois and I were barely able to control our snickers.

“Hi back, little Brother,” the girl said.

She turned to Kaleena "go and make me a cup of coffee while I check him over." When Kaleena left, she very deliberately and suggestively licked her lips.

It didn't occur to me at the time, but she used her shirt to clean herself up. We got back in bed and spooned and fell asleep. The next morning we fondled each other for a while but she needed to get up and make sure her ride didn't leave without her.

"Can Katie stay here until her hair dries?" I called to Paul.

Peter continued to stroke her hair and said, "It's okay, doll. It's not even as tight as your pussy in there."

When we arrived at the beach house, Susan was dressed with most of the buttons done up on her dress, but she certainly had a look about her which yelled I have been having a good time in the back of the car! I didn’t like this one little bit!

The words were like honey pouring into her ear and I sensuously ran my hands up and down her body. "I bet you're wet right now aren't you? We're going to have some fun whether you like it or not so you can resist it or enjoy it. It's completely up to you." With that, I bit her neck, reached forward and pinched one of her nipples and then started to slide my fingers toward her pussy.

She took me into her mouth and sucked me, fondling my balls with her hand. She stopped suddenly and sat up, all the while she kept stroking me. Her lips were coated in a mixture of our juices and with a little laugh and a wide smile she licked her lips.

"I love your legs, Jessi. You shave very well, no stubble or nothing."

"Not that well." was all Gayle could say.

Basha was cool with it though. She took a few swigs, settled back, crossed her legs, and started telling me about herself.

"He took the box to an metal smith but he could not open it either. He thought about sawing or cutting the box but was afraid he would destroy the treasure inside. Finally he put it on the shelf and thought about his next adventure. As he packed for his next trip he threw the box in his bag with hopes he could figure out how to open it. During the voyage something happened that suddenly opened the box. Our ancestor removed the contents and found his treasure he had always wanted. He followed the words of advice that was written on the box and lived an exciting life." Grandpa stopped and took a big breath.

In spite of my humiliation, Annie gave me the strength to walk beside her, past several groups of interested spectators in the vicinity of our base. I found myself drifting on a cloud of pure adrenalin as I felt the breeze caress my entire body. My breasts bounced, naturally and my nipples were fully erect but Annie whispered encouraging words whenever I faltered.

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I rolled my eyes. "Don't tell anyone. My parents would have a heart attack, with all the talk I used to do about just heading off to California to break into entertainment," I joked. I had actually wanted to be a musician and still did, but I went to college just in case things didn't work out for me in that department.

Then he unbuttoned his pants, and let them drop to the floor, standing only in his boxers, with his cock hanging out of the open slit in the front. He pulled them off and stepped out of them. I was totally awe stricken. He had a small patch of reddish brown hair (The color of his military style shaved head) that lead from his six packed belly button region down to the thatch of it that covered the base of his cock. His prick itself was startling. I don't have much to compare it with but it was much larger then my 6 inches. I looked minuscule to his monster. I'd say his was a huge 8 and a half inches no exaggerations, and very thick. I felt a slight bit of fear when I thought of that monster going up my virgin asshole.

His confidence shattered, Dennis looked shaken and uncertain as he struggled to form a viable response to her unanticipated attack. Where had this come from? For him it was almost a relief when a bell announced their arrival at the second floor. As the doors slid open she grabbed his left arm and slowed his departure.

"Great! I love to see romance in bloom. You two were pretty hot. Enjoyed it myself."

“Ahh… How do you like… fucking your sister now? … You big man…you!” She was out of breath.

"Still noise is all it makes!" he laughed. "I thought it's supposed to make beautiful music," he teased. Kevin reached around her from behind, pinning both her arms with only one of his, and then slid the bow between her legs, and pulled it upward, running the catgut against her crotch.. slowly and rhythmically.. up and down, back and forth, again and again with just enough pressure... "I bet you and me could make beautiful music.. you have always been a eyeful, sis. And sometimes.. I.. well, you know." He winked.

'And you training to be a quack. Of course it's important. Most men have a thing about being the first.'

In seconds, Leasa’s face was smothered in a thick, sticky sheet of John’s cum. Thick drops ran down her chin and neckline, all over her breasts, staining her dress. Some of the overflow of the black man’s seed ran into Leasa’s blonde hair, matting it with cum.

I slipped the tank top over my head and dropped the skirt. Coincidentally, I wore blue undies too. Victoria's Secret modal hipsters. Well, actually the color is advertised as "wave." "What, do I have to wrestle you for your cherry, dude? If that's the way you want it. I like to play rough sometimes." I pushed him on the bed and pinned his arms. He didn't resist as my breasts brushed against his chest and I nibbled his ears and neck.

"Isn't this a lot of food?" Evelyn asked. On the verandah beside the pool five cut-up chickens, three slabs of pork ribs, and various links of sausages were cooking on the grill. Hamburger patties, steaks, and hot dogs were in the outside refrigerator, to which Evelyn was adding the potato salad, in addition to the cole slaw and tossed salads already there. Unopened bags of potato chips, corn chips, nachos and other snacks and several cases of soft drinks and that Kronenberg beer were in tubs, waiting for ice. In addition to the picnic table and benches, they had set up two folding tables.

"Ugggh, oh God, baby, your fucking ass is so tight, ugggh, I'm gonna cum right up in your asshole, you like that? You like that, bitch? Ugggggh..." He grunts and moans unintelligibly, as my body bounces around on the bed like a rag doll. I groan, reduced to a taken animal.

I put my arm around Paul and smiled into the camera. "George, Paul here has been telling me some VERY nasty things about you. He's been telling me all about your little honey you have on the side. He's been kind enough to give me his explanation about your trips out of town and tell me all about the boasting you do at the office. I tried to extend the benefit of the doubt about the whole situation, but the final straw, my love, was the tape he showed me. Cavorting with a blonde, and a bleached one at that! I couldn't take it"

Soon the Undertaker indicated the whipping should stop. "Take her down" he commanded. My wrists were released and I was hard pressed to gain my footing. My legs trembled. "Bring her to me." He ordered.

"Me and Coot fuck the shit out of her," Hoot answered, his eyes shifting back to Pat. "Between me and Coot, the bitch gets about twenty inches of black cock in her white cunt and ass. When the whore leaves, she'll fuckin' well know she was horse fucked. You can have any my bitches you want to keep you company while we long dick your slut. You can have a copy of the video tape we'll make of it. How does that sound to you?"


Uncle Bill had always gone to see her a couple of times a year, and I would always ask if I could go. He'd always say that she didn't want to see me, that I had fucked up her life and to just leave her alone. For awhile I wrote her, but the letters were always returned unopened, so I quit. I could take a hint.

Holly looked over at the couples. "I think there is. We are here to offer them one week at our camp at no cost. If they are interested that is."

Kathy reaches over the side of the bed and gets a vibrator; she rubs it on my pussy then sticks it in and starts fucking me with it. Joe puts his dick in my mouth and I start sucking him. Now I am so horny, I feel like I will cum. Kathy tells me not yet, they want to give me more pleasure. Joe takes his dick out of my mouth, hands Kathy a bigger dildo and tells her to fuck me with it. Kathy sticks it in and starts fucking me, first slow and easy, then hard and fast. I look over to see what Joe is doing; he's eating Kathy's pussy. The sight of what we are doing nearly sends me over the edge. Kathy tells Joe to come fuck me in the ass while she fucks me with the dildo. They ask me to stand up for a minute; Joe lies down and tells me to put his dick in my ass. Kathy puts lube on his dick and my ass. I climb on top of his dick and slowly sit down, it hurts and I stop. Kathy tells me to move slowly down on it, when I sit down a little more it starts to feel good. Soon I have his whole dick up my ass. When Kathy sees this she sticks the dildo in my pussy. They lie still for a while so my body can adjust to having both in me at the same time. Slowly they start moving in and out. First they were moving at the same time, then Joe waited for Kathy to push the dildo in my pussy, when she did he pulled his dick outward, so one went in as the other came out. I have never felt such pleasure; it was beyond compare. They see that I am fixing to cum, and start fucking me harder and faster. I feel my body exploding with pleasure as I cum, Joe cums with me.

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She stuck a finger under her panty leg.

" Do you like that?" Sandy asked "How does that feel?"

"Nikki," Liyah whispered nervously. "C-could you do me a favor?"

"Oh yeah...I love it when you talk that way about me handsome. Don't ever stop."

For the record, there was no reason we hadn't had sex over that particular week. It was just that I had several things to get to after work, was overly busy at work, and given his desire not to do any of the nasty stuff in his office just made our getting together out of the question.

I reached under Avery’s dress and rubbed at her pussy hair. She grabbed her tits and began squeezing.

I met David when I was six years old and we have been inseparable ever since. We grew up on the same block together, went to the same school, did everything together. His family was my family and vice versa.

Sudden panic flashed across her face. She knew to continue her deception would not be the proper thing to do and, fearing increasing his displeasure with her she lowered her head and replied, "Yes my love, it was such a beautiful day and being excited about your return, yet bored with the mundane hours in the castle I did wander briefly into the forest. Forgive me for disobeying you please? You have my word that I shall not do it again, and I will make up to you the fact that I had not been completely truthful to you," she said as she slowly began to move towards him again.

I quickly put the groceries away and was mixing our drinks when I felt her hand rub my ass, I was lost in the excitement of the moment as I felt the silkiness of my slip sliding against my panties. "God, you got a hot ass baby" she raspily said. As I turned around to find her dressed in jeans and a man's shirt I realized I was the girl she was the guy.

"What's the matter, man? What the hell's happened?" Caleb sputtered as he leapt out of the car.

The story is seen through the eyes of a lady who had suffered years of mental and physical abuse and was now to be sexually re-awakened.

Mary didn't leave Paul out of it - she ran her hands all around his bare cock. "You both feel so lovely and smooth. Touch each other and see." Even after all that had happened they were slow to move, still embarrassed. Mary took Julie's hand and placed it on her brother's erect cock and took Paul's hand and placed it between Julie's legs. "Move your hands around. Feel the smoothness." Paul felt all around Julie's bare and swollen vagina. It thrilled him so much. He felt his sister's heat and her sticky wetness. Julie ran her hand along her brother's cock and felt his balls.

The way he asked me about my first sexual experience was slow and mind blowing. He asked it like "did you have a sexual experience prior to the age of 18, then 17 then 16. Then he asked did you first experience masturbation prior to age 18, then 17 all the way down to age 14. But when he asked me have I ever fantasized about this and that. I tell you it was then I was really not comfortable with those kinds of questions at all. I finely stopped him and told him that. He told me it was the strongest emotion in me and it was how they could tell about my truthfulness.

Ted had often remarked on how good Craig was with his hands, and how creative he was. Now Craig began to make various items that he started to sell through a couple of craft shops. I don’t say he made a lot of money, but it did give him reasonable pocket money.

Her husband was getting whinier and whinier the closer they got to the main event. Deb could see him gnawing on his lower lip in the mirror behind her, an expression of childish possessiveness darkening his face as he watched her put the final touches on her makeup. He smiled knowingly at her, talking tough to try to hide his jealous nature. "Ready to make your entrance? That old boyfriend'll have to hide his hard little dick underneath his rented cumberbund when he gets a load of you!"

"Hmmmmm......I know, you see that name plate on my office door? The one that says: Jefferson Smith, Vice President?"

He stood there by the kitchen island like he was posing for her, which he was. She could see his package outlined in his tight black briefs. After coming oh so close to him, she retreated to the couch, motioning him over with only her eyes. Bret joined her in the middle of the couch, leaving plenty of room on either side.

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I swear she was close to getting herself off. Was she actually fucking herself with that dildo or was it my imagination? Sitting in that little phone booth with my back to the door, I was getting some five finger relief myself.

I followed her instructions and we started driving into the bye roads, until we reached an old cottage by the river.

"The next week was a living hell. I couldn't keep my mind on anything. I tried to return to pray, but I found myself praying that God should bring that mystery woman to and to would forgive me for the sins that I wanted to commit with her."

"Kurt, would you please keep your mind on the road. I really don't want you to be late for that interview." Her tone was clipped and cool.

‘Speak, child.’

The first step is to work your way up to it. I wouldn't suggest going into your first time of anal without having had at LEAST a finger back there. The best thing to do is get plenty of lube, have your lover put one finger in... work it back and forth a little to loosen things up. When you're ready let them know and they'll slide a second finger in. At any point that you feel like you need more lube, make sure you tell them! Personally, I like a little pain with my pleasure, but I do realize that not everyone feels that way.

I wrapped my legs around him, grinding into him. The sounds of the squeaky springs of the bed and my juices squishing out of me filled the room. He released my wrists and I wrapped my arms around him, digging my nails in his back. Leaning down, he sucked a nipple into his mouth, flicking his tongue wildly, biting down on it.

"Then may i sit on Your cock please, Master?"

"I'm going to cummm again." she cried.

I grinned. "Sure, Karen. Hey, I have to go now. See you in class tomorrow!"

They took the elevator up to his rooms. In the living room he told her to unpack the things they would need, the things she had agreed to bring: the thermometer, the lubricant, her enema equipment. The enema equipment was her idea. She had given herself enemas regularly since she was in collge, but neither her ex-husband, or any of the other men in her life, had shown the slightest interest in putting a penis or an enema tube up her shapely ass. So the enema, the humiliation of giving up control of her body, was something she had dreamed about, something she wanted a man to do to her for as long as she could remember.

Mike walked to town feeling awkward, until he saw the line of people waiting to enter the club, then he smiled, "Tonight I have to have fun." he said to himself, in a pep-talk sort of way.

"Then I will."

"You can do it too," Jen whispered in his ear. "You don't mean 'when you're sucking me'. You mean when I'm sucking your cock."

Th stars were a blur as Batman fucked her, long and deep. She held on to him for dear life for he was unmerciful in his passion, and her leather catsuit wasn't much padding for how hard he was banging her ass against the cold concrete.

I grabbed my green silk kimono from the back of the chair. Wrapping it around my curvaceous form, I tied it closed with a loose yellow sash and reached for the door.

"Seems a shame," said Simon as he began to snip away with the cutters. "I could look at legs like these all day!"

They arranged themselves all around the table, and one or two of them were so eager to start that they were already slowly stroking their hard shafts. I reached over to a young man of about 22, his cock is bobbling around in front of my face, a nice pink, smooth, cock - his helmet shinning from pre cum. I reached out with my tongue and dabbed the end, gathering the ribbon of moisture on the tip and taking it in to my mouth. "Ummm" he groans. I take the whole thing in to my mouth deep down my throat, just like I'd practiced "Oh God..."

Jim’s cock snapped to attention and it felt like an iron rod. Blue steel. His cock throbbed at his wife’s words and with the thought of having them both together, especially the thought of them fucking Barbara together.

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"Ok, if that's the way it's going to be. I'll start here." Sue said and kneeling grabbed Rays dark cock, opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around it.

"That's easy for you to say, still happily married to your high school sweetheart. But, regardless of me and my male needs, I don't want to thrust being a good role model for my boys on a potential boyfriend, at least not right away. I want something a bit more... organic than that."

Her eyes on mine, I could see that she was judging my reaction to this new thing. I reached up and taking her head in my hands, I pulled her back to my lips, my tongue slipping inside her mouth. She held me tightly as we kissed, exchanging our juices, my cum.

"So much for not hearing us," Rob muttered.

Bern and I were proud of his academic achievements and his magnificent physique, but suffered some degree of guilt that we had not encouraged him to socialise more. Apart from general socialising, young people these days do a lot of their sexual maturing during teenage years, which means a fair amount of youthful copulating. As far as I could gather, Peter had not had any of this either.

"Wow, this is really beautiful," Terri said sincerely. "It must be great to have your own pool on these hot summer days."

Dorit wasn't fooled for an instant. "That got your attention, didn't it?"

"An orgy is when there's more than two people involved," Zoë reasoned. "There aren't more than two people here in this kitchen."

The cars, now streaking around the track at full speed, drowned out her cries, though our friends on the roof may have still been able to hear us. My breath quickened as I thought about them realizing what we were doing, or even more exciting, that someone nearby was watching Kelly's spectacular tits bounce forward and back as I pounded her pussy from behind.

"He's mentioned his ambitions, sure," Ellie said. "But I don't know when – or how – he's planning to do it. He won't tell anyone that much."

"Yes, Daddy." Jess scrambled to her feet and looked at Lillith, who had risen and fixed her clothes. "Wanna play, sweetie? We can put on a show for Gee and Ser."

With that Jack moved directly in front of Rose and she proceeded to take him into her mouth, her lips surrounding the shaft, then moving up and partially over the head before going down again. One hand went to cradle his big balls, which hung pendulous in their sac. Her attention had instantaneous effect on Jack. He grew in her mouth, stiffening with each up and down movement of her mouth. After no more than 20 seconds Rose withdrew her mouth. His now-raging hard-on was even thicker and the head fatter than before, definitely much more “big fat” than “big long”, it stood out perpendicular to his torso when she released it and turned to me. I realized that I hadn’t seen an erect dick except mine since I was maybe 13 and my friends and I did a little “social masturbating”. But this was very different.

"Be a dear and soak these in the sink." Kat said, sneaking up on him from behind. She dropped the panties she had just removed on Evan's shoulder and kissed him on the cheek. "No peaking now."

I tried to be subtle about wiping the tears from my face, but it wasn't necessary because Janice was crying worse than I was.

This time it was Shamaria who stroked his face. "Do you know how proud of you she was? I had to order the doctors to sedate her, to stop her from forcibly leaving the hospital. Oh Marcus! You weren't her natural son, just someone she took in when your own mother was killed. But to her, you were her oldest son and sometimes she seemed more proud of you than she was of Garner and Steven. Your graduating with a Ph.D. to her, was her biggest accomplishment. Like your winning the largest lottery ever! Oh Marcus, when you walked across that stage to receive your award, it wasn't just you doing it. It was my mother! And your father and mother, and grandparents and all the people who suffered to make sure that you were able to make that walk."

She said "Uh-um" a little muffled because she still had a mouth full of his cock, and he relaxed and let her go. He grabbed her head with his hands and began to fuck her mouth, his balls slapping her chin and throat as he mouth fucked her. He didn't take long and then his cock erupted again, but there wasn't much of it. She let go of his cock and began to work on his balls with her tongue.

"Bye," she said.

My orgasm starts and I put my hands on your chest to brace myself. Your warm cum is mixed now with my own fluids and it seeps onto my thighs. Your cock is still hard, entering me repeatedly, spilling its contents inside me. My body shakes with multiple rushes of pleasure.

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(Later on I found out he was watching us from the boat with binoculars.)

"Let's go a few blocks into the city," said Alexi. "The idea is, you're window shopping. At the end, we'll stop you at a bodega so you can buy something."

'My pussy is very wet Sir David' she responded.

I was shocked at how the conversation was going. My dad wanted Jessica? I could hardly believe that because he has been anything but lusting after her when we have been around but that could explain why he got so angry and hasn't trusted me since. I sat there thinking about what was said in the other room when I heard a gasp. I thought something was wrong and started to move but stopped when I heard the talking again.

Knowing words were hard to come by, I succumbed to her advice, while a voice within spoke clearly and distinctly; "That was fun, what'll we do next?"

"At your orders, Lieutenant." Kochei backed toward the door.

I went back down and took the egg out. Her tight ass now was a little loose and it looked so inviting I almost didn't finish what I had planned. But, I put the egg aside and picked up the butt plug, put some lubricant on the end and put some more on her hole. I inserted the plug to the first knob and let it stay there for a minute. She wanted more, so I took it up to the second knob. I was getting so excited watching her asshole stretch.

Daniel took her into his arms again and put his lips to hers, this time her mouth opened immediately and she began to kiss him, her tongue pushed into his mouth, and her arms went around his neck. He reached beneath her robe and put his hands on the cheeks of her ass and she moaned into his mouth. She didn't know what she was doing, but she felt between her legs begin to moisten. Daniel ground his cock into her body as they stood their and she had a desire to please this man they was she had been groomed to all of these years. Her senses returned and she again pushed Daniel away, and stood looking at him, her breath coming in shorter bursts as her body began to heat up with passion.

“Now that’s a great idea. But why not just share my room for the night, I have two queen beds, and it won’t cost you anything.”

We both knew that mutual orgasm was close at hand. She abruptly got up and walked out of the room to give me a breather saying, "I'll be back." I resisted the urge to stroke myself, knowing that I did not want to end the show too soon. After about a minute, she returned, walking with 2 fingers sliding out of your snatch. My cock had subsided from 'Eruption Eminent' to 'Eruption Very Soon.' I could feel an almost painful pressure that had gathered from the amount of cum she had worked up.

“FUH….UH..UHGH…UNNNGHH”, I was shaking uncontrollably as my climax flowed from one to the next, sending me into a delirium of pain and pleasure. I couldn’t breathe despite the huge gasps of air I took in, his cock mercilessly pumping away at my ass.

I froze when I heard the sound of my wife's voice.

"Good," she said, and we sat silently for a bit, still embracing each other. Her body felt absolutely stunning next to mine and I had no plans to let go so long as she didn't flinch.

"Just ... a couple of days."

I felt his hands holding my ass cheeks firmly as he pulled me to his face. His tongue lick hungrily at me and I pressed down on him harder, grinding my cunt into his face. I was on the edge as I pulled away and sat down on his cock. He entered my soaking cunt easily and his hips thrashed wildly as he fucked me. We only fucked for a brief amount of time, but we both came before I dropped back onto the bed beside him. We crawled under the sheets and slept for hours.

“Take a look,” he stepped back, still holding the door open, to reveal the most breathtaking picture she had ever seen.

"To the beggars with that!" Octavia said, and before the horrified eyes of her classmates she ripped off her veil and threw back her hood, letting her black curls tumble free around her bare face.

Bells or sirens or screams should have gone off then but they didn't. At least I didn't hear them. Maybe I just ignored them. I'm not sure which.

Linda begins pushing harder each time, and soon she has part of her thumb up his ass. She wiggles her hand around into every angle she can touching every part of his insides. Jeff doesn't slow at all. Actually, he pumps Dave faster and Linda pushes hard into his ass. Jeff moans in a whimper as she pushes harder.

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I reached again, and made contact with the top hook. She flinched like I touched her with an ice cube. I put both index fingers under the bra from the top and pulled together using my thumbs and forefingers. The first snap came easily undone without a word escaping from the groggy woman in front of me.

"Remember, my tits and my pussy are yours honey!" Joan whispers as her knees straddle my head. I stare at her pussy hovering enticingly above me. My hands instinctively reach for her breasts. My hands play with her soft breasts as they dangle from her chests. My fingers flicking over her nipples while my hands knead that special flesh. Her mouth sucks my cock in aggressively.


Black men didn't normally do this, it was seen as a sign of weaknes, for a man to lap a woman's pussy, in black culture.

"Come on then," said Liz, "lets go to the club." Gary said that he wasn't really dressed for it and would go back to the hotel. We pushed him to come but he insisted and so Liz and I went off together.

"Would you like to watch one with me?" she asked in a soft voice. Pat couldn't believe what was happening.

She slid his cock into her mouth as his fingers teased her clit and even though he wasn't what she wanted, his cock and his fingers soon had her sucking with all of her charms as she felt his hips thrust to meet her mouth and his finger set her clit on fire. She cupped and squeezed his balls as she felt his cock start to twitch, knowing that she would soon taste him and just as he got ready to cum, he popped a finger into her ass and they both exploded as his cum shot into her mouth and she swallowed it down. She pushed back, dislodging his fingers from her and stood up licking her lips as she struggled to fix her skirt back and looked at him slumped back on the toilet, his cock still hard.

Through the grapevine, I found out Tanya Jackson played soccer in a European women's league, but worked at the camp during the off-season for the extra pay. I was thrilled to find out she was indeed a lesbian. Many girls had tried to get Tanya's attention, but she refused them all for two reasons. One was that the camp had strict policies against counselors getting involved with the students. The other was a girlfriend named Natalie in the Czech Republic that Tanya had been dating in an exclusive relationship for almost two years. But I was determined to try. You know how I love a challenge.

"Shhhh.... don't worry... it's all okay... okay... Sue... "

Once I'd positioned myself properly, I slammed my dick into her cunt, making her moan in surprise. She rode it, like no-one had ever done before, bouncing like a yoyo, but never tiring, until her hole had been filled with cum through multiple orgasms. Picking her up in the same fashion I had before I smashed her into a wall under the shower head, and took down the head. And washed down her hair through her multiple slits and placing the head between our bodies I slid her up and down the wall as I bounced her on my cock, taking it out, before shoving it all the way back in, making a squish sound every time it plopped out and water filled her hole.

Things were out of control and I was once more being a white slut just to feel a black cock cum in me.

"I like you in heels. Always wear heels when you're with me. Now put them on and I'll fuck you like I said I would."

As the evening went on, I kept repeating in my head the things that he said, analyzing them and trying to determine what, if anything, he was implying. As I rethought our conversations, I kept imagining him looking me over as I was all wet and wondering what he must have been thinking.

“Does anybody fancy a drink” I asked, breaking the silence. “Yeah bring in a six pack,” said Phil. I padded off to the kitchen to get some beers, my mind was still spinning thinking about what had just occurred. I was half hard as I came back into the Jacuzzi room. I was not half hard for long. I had been out of the room for two minutes and on my return the most erotic scene that I have ever known greeted me. Laura was lying on her back holding her cunt lips open for my wife who was on her knees sucking and licking her clit. Meanwhile Phil is pumping his cock in and out of my wife whilst reaching under her to tug on her nipples. I am sure that I had run this scene through my mind at least a dozen times but here it was in glowing technicolour. Tina was alternately licking and grunting. Oh fuck, don’t stop Phil, pump harder. This feels so good.

SxGrrl: Why??

She turned bright red from anger and glared at her companions, when the empty headed twits got confused and tittered at the wrong time. Losing her thin veneer of civilized behavior altogether, she snapped at me, “Listen here you little cunt. I’ll wipe the floor with that rag you’re wearing.”

"Well," I replied, "Three things are for sure: 1.) We have two really horny girls who would fuck anything with a hard cock, 2,) Two husbands who would do anything to win tomorrow, and 3.) The opposition team down at the clubroom is probably half pissed. Why don't we go down there, fuck them stupid till early in the morning, then they will be too buggered to play let alone win. We will be happy and not frustrated, the boys will be happy as champions, and the opposition should be happy as they have had the best two cunts in town. So let's go!!"

"Oh, I am very sorry about your mother."

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They all moved out onto the small patio and watched as the huge vessel moved slowly away from the dock. Tom was standing between the two women and felt someone cup his right buttock. He looked over at Kate who smiled at him. As the ship moved slowly out the inlet his fingers caressed Kate's ass.

I began to rub my chest and pinch my nipples through the lace. My Legs were up on the desk and spread. After Making my nipples nice and hard I moved my hands down and began to pull up my skirt. Bob wasted no time and his other hand replaced mine on my chest and soon he was massaging and pinching me through my bra.

There was no need to verify names each knew the other they just moved towards one another and their embrace was automatic like they had been here a thousand times before. She was tall as she had described herself her hair smelled clean as an autumn morning. Her breasts reached into him as they hugged and reminded him how wonderful it feels to hold a woman. He Kissed her neck because he had to place his lips on this vision some where and that was the most convient place at the time. They held onto one another like Old Friends who had been apart for years and were afraid to let go because this may turn into a dream and each would be lost to the other for eternity.

"Claudette dropped out a few days ago. She won't be back." After a slight pause she said, "Let's take a break and catch our breath. We'll meet here in fifteen minutes. Sandra, you'll pose with him then, okay?" Sandra nodded. Ms. Purdy motioned Sandra to follow her. They disappeared into the main house.

I could feel my lips curving into a grin as I said back, "ah oun't." We both started giggling as eyes open and locked, I eased back into her. I don't know how long or how many times I slowly eased out and then back in. We were reveling in the feeling, the rubbing, the textures, the sensation of the movements, in and out, back and forth.

"Bullshit! I didn't want to let you fuck me that first time either, but you didn't let that stop you. You just took me and made me love it, so why didn't you just take my ass the same way?"

Kate became aware just how wet she was. It was difficult now to separate the feeling of excitement from the feeling of fear.

"Good, I hope."

Trish got onto her knees and lifted both of her giant breasts up and placed them on Justin's thighs. Justin pushed forward and nested his wet cock in Trish's deep valley cleavage. Trish wrapped her mammoth melons around his cock and started jerking.

"Thank you...that's very nice of you." she said.

"Hey Sherry, come here. Would you put some of this on my back." I said, holding up the sunscreen. It was more of a command than a question.

"That's not the whole package."

Gary couldn't keep his eyes off my chest. "Hi Denise."

Lips again careened to collide with the softness of her skin, hands slipped under the silk prison once more to give his lover what she so desperately craved. Slowly they moved up her frame, coming to play upon firm erect nipples that almost sprung between his fingers, grateful for the attention. He played with then, pinching lightly, turning them between strong fingers...tugging a little. She ached for his lips upon them, wanting to turn and beg for the kiss that he gave so sparingly. It was not to be this night.

By the time morning came he had not slept a collective three hours and didn't have a clear enough mind to read the hands of the clock on his bed stand. Sharon woke him with a gentle shaking of his shoulder and he sat up in bed.

Still almost in a trance, Emma's hand reached up, as if on a puppet string. She couldn't help it, the continuing female stimulation of the last hour was reaching a peak, and it was something that she had to explore. Her hand came to rest on Helene's shoulder, and stroked the top of her arm. Helene's hands had dropped from the straps of the camisole, and were now at the hem, palms encircling Emma's waist, drawing the two women closer together. Emma shuddered as her nipples met Helene's, the silk electric on her skin. Emma could feel Helene's own nipples like marbles. Straining as hers were.

"I'm serious you're absolutely gorgeous. They'll love you. Send a full-length shot, a half shot, a face shot, and one other that you like.

Jordan hung up the phone, and put her toy away. She glanced at the clock; it was only ten-thirty. What on earth was she going to do until it was time to get ready?

Cassandra reveled at the expression on Harold's face. She had been nude beneath her coat and now he could see what she had been doing. Clad only in her high heels she lifted her arms and turned slowly around.

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"Ahhhhhhhhh shiiiiiiiitt, I’mmmmmmmm cummmming, I’mmmmm cummmmmming!!!!!!!!!" She screamed and then tightened up, letting the orgasm crash over her.

"Let me just enjoy your cunt for a few more minutes then you can have my cock all the way up your cunt," he said. He then returned to licking me, his tongue was licking in circles around my hole and suddenly he plunged his tongue up inside as far as he could and for the first time I experienced a man fucking my cunt with his tongue. I loved it and looked forward to lots more oral sex as well as being fucked.

They teased Ann in this manner for the next twenty minutes or so, bringing Ann just to the brink then letting her come down before resuming. This was pure torture for Ann who yearned for the newly discovered sensations to overtake her once more. Her mind was spinning. She had lost the feelings of embarrassment that had not too long ago accompanied her desire. She was being turned into a slave whose only thoughts were of cumming.

" I say good morning and you turn around a little startled. As you do I notice for the first time that you have a pierced belly button. This drives a shot of lust to my cock as I find that pierced belly buttons are so damn sexy. I tell you how much I like pierced belly buttons. My cock begins to swell in my pants as I continue to look at your belly piercing. You lift your shirt slightly higher so that I can get a better look, exposing more of your flat stomach."

Paul was excited to know what he was sent. Right when he was going to open the package, his doorbell rang. Opening the door, he found his friend Stanley there with a group of friends.

"Oh yes!" The sensation of the smooth comforting liquid and your probing tongue is driving me out of my mind. My hands find their way into your hair as you lap up dessert from my body.

"Its my birthday sir. I thought you were gone, so I-"

"Do you mind if we wait a while, though?" I asked. "I do have some limits."

She pressed her chest forward into his grip, letting him squeeze and massage her tit for a long second. Then the realization of what was happening, of who it was pressing at her breast must have dawned on her as she pulled his hand away with her own.

I go to my bathroom, shower and brush my teeth. I don't need to worry about rot, but with my eating habits halitosis can be a problem.

Into his den, they settled into the soft couch. The thick carpet felt good on Lori's bare feet, tired from the long journey. Ryan turned on the stereo, and light classical music filled the room. Dim lights around the room cast a glow over them, almost like candles.

"Mm, you didn't wear panties now did you?" He asked me, I could hear the slight warning in his voice.

The sexy Latina is completely naked. For the first time in her life, Lynda immediately becomes wet between the legs just looking at a female nude body. The urge to place a kiss on the dark red lips rises quickly.

The hot water takes forever to get upstairs. I adjust the temperature and get in. The water feels so good. I think of my lover again. I think of how it would be to live with him. We'd live somewhere warm and far away from other people.

He scored 12 and 13 ball easily. 14 followed and he smiled at me when he aimed 15. Few moments later 15 was in the pocket.

"I was hoping that I could get a hug, if you know what I mean," he said.


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“No, I mean it I said, “I just gave you a blowjob and I’m a cocksucker.” I want to say it – I’m a cocksucker and I loved it.

Megan fingered her own necklace, which hung three small baby rings.

Professor Mac and Eager moved along the corrider after leaving the classroom. Mac's head was pounding and so was his cock. The idea that the sweet young thing was going to his office with him with the intention of something sexual was incredible. Mac could feel his cock pressing against the front of his pants trying to rise to point the way. For once, he wished that it would wait; he didn't want any of the other faculty to notice.

"Oh, sweet one, I'm very pleased with you. I'm pleased by your full breasts," he touched one, pinching the nipple as she gasped, "and I'm pleased by your white belly, your soft hips, your pretty lips," touching each one as he named it. Helplessly, she felt herself grow wet, felt her lips swell with pleasure at his look and touch.

“I have had some experience, why?”

I grabbed Ylva and caressed her body. Her pussy was moist and her clit already out in the open. She lay down and I started to lick from her neck down spending some time at her breasts. Behind me I heard that Lena was giving Eva a good time.

As we entered the cabin Taski reached out and took my hand and led me into the bedroom area saying, "It was my idea so I'm first."

I was a little startled by this sudden disclosure.

“I could handle it. I welcome those options. It’s not exactly what everyone else had in mind for me.” I sipped my wine pensively.

"Why are you doing this to me?" she pleaded, tears forming in her eyes. She crawled backwards away from me until she bumped up against the bed. She was good. She was very good. I hoped this was working for her because it was turning me on beyond my wildest expectations.

I looked at Sandy thinking she was joking. “No way and certainly not here in front of everyone.” Sandy’s reply was “why not” and she pointed to 3 other couples clearly sucking each other off in various parts of the bar. “wow” is all I could say. Sandy then pointed to a guy standing at the bar who was clearly looking our way. “Go, and make sure you use a feminine voice – remember your name is Kylie.”

"I don't have much! Are you sure you want me?"


We took a few final pictures as Steve pulled out and milked the last few drops of cum onto her belly.

"I wanted to. I wanted to be with you." I said.

“Show us your tits, Paula,” Steve said, firmly.

I moved my hands from your bust and up to your shoulders. I pulled your dress down around your waist before I sucked a stiff nipple into my mouth. A throaty purr escaped your lips as I rolled it among my tongue and hot breath. You hoped the teasing was finally over. This is what you had been expecting. My warm saliva was soothing in the cool air. The volume of your moaning surprised even you. Immediately becoming aware of how loud you were you wondered if you had been that loud during the course of the torture or if it was just a sudden release. I kissed the underside of one breast while softly massaging the other. Making my way along your ribs and up under your arm. Even that short refocus made you realize that it was the vigor of the evening that had been driving your arousal. With the gentle kisses your moans became shallow breaths. You were struck by the contrast of the moment. The duality. Your mind shot back to the hockey game. Lost in thoughts of the day's events you didn't notice that I had stopped kissing. My pause shocked you back to the dark bedroom. You opened your eyes to find me standing. As I stood frozen you took the opportunity to take stock of the dark figure before you. The physique beneath the white T-shirt accented by the diffused light and the shadows it cast. You caught the shadows evident in the tautened denim. Again you noticed the contrast.

I still had the feeling of her on my lips when I saw the room had been watching. Pair after pair of unblinking eyes. Mindy was the first to speak.

"How did I do?" I questioned.

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"Because no thing, meaning no animal, could get within 100 yards of this house unless it was stone deaf." She explained as she looked out the window. Then she turned toward him and continued. "There are speaker installed all around the house which emit a sound that is outside the human range of hearing but is loud enough to shatter the eardrums of any animal from mouse to raccoon to dog if it got within 100 yards of the house. In addition to the speakers, as I'm sure you've already noticed, there are motion sensor lights on the outside of the house at 25-foot intervals. These motion sensors are set to trigger the lights at 50 feet. Do you understand what that means?

I happened to be headed down the hallway when I heard her.

‘I want to tie you down first,’ I say.

Amanda smiled slowly. “I’ll be honest, Mr. Carter. I’m not really trained for anything, but I am willing to tackle any job, and work hard.”

I didn’t waste any time, I grabbed her buy the hips and started pumping. It was awesome, her hips where like handle bars on a bike. She was truly built for fucking. I was lost in this wonderful world I had created in this women’s home. I really got into it now, I felt like a star in a porno movie. Her pussy was just oozing, my first load still in her cunt made it seem like my black cock was sliding on glass. Every time I thrust my big black cock into her white pussy, her ass made a wave and rippled forward. It was amazing. It was like watching the ocean.

"Yeah, fine. I'm sorry about that – did I hurt you?"

As the orgasm ripped through her young body Tom saw Justin's face covered with her fluid. He felt trapped as she contracted her anal muscle around his cock...he knew that if he didn't pull out now, he was gonna cum up her ass. Reluctantly Tom withdrew his hard cock from Sandra's twitching ass. Justin was still lashing her clit and Tom complimented this by squeezing and massaging her hard red nipples.

"Okay look, you want to know the real reason?"

Her hand was wrapped around Michelle's cock, stroking it, feeding it into her mouth as she sucked on the head. Jessi could taste her own juices on Michelle's cock, as well as Michelle's precum. She loved how they tasted mixed together, and her hips were moving, pressing back against Michelle's tongue as it darted all over her clit. Michelle wrapped her whole mouth around Jessi's shaved pussy, and sucked hard while she fluttered her tongue across Jessi's clit.

"You know I trust you and enjoy everything you do." Tim replied.

"Bye and tell Mom I do love her and you."

She should slowly and at a pace she is comfortable with ease the cock in her. Doggy works well for this because you can hold steady while she pushes into you applying just the pressure she needs to inch your cock into her.

She realized, fully, that she was naked and chained to what seemed to be an altar and everyone could see every inch of her. The candles hid the audience but they illuminated her all too well. And to her horror and shame she realized she was still extremely aroused. Her nipples jutted out, begging to be sucked on, and her sex was still deliciously wet.

Jack stirred uneasily. He had almost forgotten his little problem of an erection at the memory of his daughter throwing her naked body at him, and everytime he looked at her, he was seeing the same image over and over again. And now she wanted to sit in his lap... He managed to suppress his hardon by repositioning it, an action that he hoped would be missed by his daughter.

I did not call her after that night. Just like a guy would not. I thought about her at night, lonely in the bed. I thought about her in the lonely mornings. And sometimes, if the afternoon got lonely I though about her then too.

I could see out of the corner of my eyes, James stroking his cock, waiting his turn, and it looked like his cock was huge. I pulled my mouth off of Randall's cock, and was face to cock with the biggest dick I have ever seen, it was at least 11 inches long, and very thick too. I started licking his monster head, it took time just to work his head in my mouth, while doing this, Randall went behind me, and started working his cock into my wet pussy. Even though he was smaller than James, it still was the biggest cock I have ever had inside me. He got in about halfway, and started to move in and out, I finally worked about half of James cock into my mouth, his was the first cock that I couldn't deep throat, I wasn't even close.

I think I subconsciously smiled as the realization that Barbara and Jay had just had sex soaked in. I found myself more bothered by the fact that once again she had sex with another man without giving me the opportunity to watch. She had done this a few times before, and I thought I had made it clear to her that the condition of my approval of her extramarital sex was my watching.

Despite Jackie's warning to her [see the end of Jackie and Rod Become Lovers], Sherry kept coming to visit Rod. Although Rod had divorced her, Sherry would not, maybe could not, stay away from him. So Rod and Jackie decided to buy a boat and live on it, in a place Sherry could not find. They looked for several months before finally finding a suitable boat, bought it, and moved aboard, renting Rod's house to another couple.

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